Research on Nazi Euthanasia

Late in the 1980s the Documentation Center of Austrian Resistance began to include studies on Nazi medical crimes like the murder of physically and mentally handicapped in its research programme. In 2002 DÖW opened an exhibition on the history of Nazi medicine in Vienna in the Otto Wagner-Hospital. The content of this exhibition (Der Krieg gegen die ‚Minderwertigen‘ / The War against ‘the Inferior’) is available on the Internet as well.
An overview about the DÖW’s contribution to the research into Nazi Euthanasia can be found here (in German).

Prof. Wolfgang Neugebauer, DÖW director 1983 through 2004, published a considerable number of articles and book contributions about this topic.

Among his English publications are:

Racial Hygiene in Vienna 1938

“Operation T4,” in: How Healing Becomes Killing: Medical Ethics and the Holocaust.Eugenics, Euthanasia, Extermination, ed. by Ursula Gehring-Münzel with Marci Regan Dallas and Ira D. Perry, Houston 2007, pp. 17 -27.