Previous Meetings


The 2017 Annual Meeting of the Association took place in Atlanta, Georgia, on October 7th, 7:00pm, i.e. immediately before the “Austrian Reception” in the same room.

After the report of Secretary/Treasurer David Wildermuth about the activities and finances of the association and of Winfried Garscha about the activities of the DÖW in the past year, the meeting adopted an amendment of the by-laws regarding the Radomir-Luza-Prize committee (section V of the by-laws), establishing a three-years-term for the members of the committee. Cf. By-Laws

Appointment of a new Secretary/Treasurer

Note: David W. WILDERMUTH, associate professor of German, Shippensburg University, followed the first appointed secretary-treasurer Gregor Thuswaldner.  Prof. Wildermuth accepted the renewal of his appointment under the condition that a new secretary-treasurer will be appointed prior to the annual meeting in 2018. He asked to be replaced at this year’s annual meeting.
Michael BRYANT, professor of history and legal studies, Bryant University, Smithfield, RI, agreed to serve for a five year term from 2017 through 2022.

The meeting gave special thanks to David W. WILDERMUTH for having served as secretary-treasurer of the association for seven years, and to the following three professors who have served as board members until today:
Günter BISCHOF, professor of history; director, CenterAustria New Orleans, LA,
Evan Burr BUKEY, professor of history emeritus, University of Arkansas, Fayetteville, AR,
Gerald FETZ, dean and professor of German emeritus, University of Montana, Missoula, MT.

The following three new board members were elected for the period 2017-2020: Eva KUTTENBERG, Penn State at Erie, The Behrend College; Margarete LAMB-FAFFELBERGER, Lafayette College, Easton, PA; and Janek WASSERMAN, University of Alabama, Tuscaloosa, AL. For more information look here.

Appointment of the Luza Prize Committee 2017-2020

Günter BISCHOF, professor of history; director, Center Austria: The Austrian Marshall Plan Center for European Studies, University of New Orleans; Gerald FETZ, dean and professor of German emeritus, University of Montana, Missoula, MT; and Winfried R. GARSCHA, Documentation Center of Austrian Resistance, Vienna (ex officio).