Prize winners




David W. Gerlach for his book The Economy of Ethnic Cleansing. The Transformation of the German-Czech Borderlands after World War II,” Cambridge University Press, 2017




Erin R. Hochman for her book Imagining Greater Germany: Republican Nationalism and the Idea of Anschluss,” Cornell University Press, 2016

Awarding Ceremony



Molly Marie Pucci for her PhD Dissertation “Security Empire: Building the Secret Police in Communist Eastern Europe, 1944-1952,” Stanford University, 2015



Sarah Cramsey for her PhD dissertation “Uncertain Citizenship: Jewish Belonging to the ‘Ethnic Revolution’ in Poland and Czechoslovakia, 1938-1948,” University of California, Berkeley (2014)



Dr. Leslie Marie Waters for her PhD dissertation “Resurrecting the Nation: Felvidék and the Hungarian Territorial Revisionist Project, 1938-1945,” University of California Los Angeles (UCLA 2012)


Ilana Offenberger (Worcester, Massachusetts) for her PhD dissertation “The Nazification of Vienna and the Response of the Viennese Jews,” (Clark University, 2011) and

Prof. Tara Zahra (University of Chicago) for her book The Lost Children: Reconstructing Europe’s Families after World War II,” (Harvard University Press, 2011).