Radomir Luza Prizes 2022 awarded

Since 2020 this prize, namend after the distinguished historian Radomír Luža, has been hosted by the German Studies Association. The prize is being awarded by the American Friends of the Documentation Center of Austrian Resistance and Center Austria: the Austrian Marshall Plan Center for European Studies of the University of New Orleans. Luža, who was professor for European and German history at Tulane University, New Orleans, for more than 25 years. He published the first academic studies about Nazi persecution and resistance in Austria: “Austro-German Relations in the Anschluss Era” (1975) and “The resistance in Austria, 1938-1945” (1984).

The awarding ceremony is part of the annual conferences of the German Studies Association. This year’s prizes were awarded to Zachary Doleshal, Sam Houston State University (Huntsville, Tx), and Chad Bryant, University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill.

The laudations can be read on the GSA website.